Few Words on Assam’s Bihu Festival

Assam’s Bihu Festival

There are three Bihu celebrate in Assam. These are the Bohag Bihu or Rangali Bihu, Magh Bihu or the Bhogali Bihu, and the Kati Bihu or Kangali Bihu.

Bohag Bihu or Rangali Bihu

The Bohag Bihu begins on the last date of the month Chaitra (Apri-14 or 15) and continues for seven days. It is the spring season. nature looks very beautiful with new leaves in the trees. This joy in nature spread to human hearts. The youth celebrate it with songs and dance. So it is called Rangali Bihu.

The first date of Bohag ihu is Garu (caw) Bihu.Cows are given special treatment on this day. The second day is the Manuh Bihu. The elders bless the younger and the younger seek blessings from the elders. Bihuan is presented to near and dear ones.

Kati Bihu or Kangali Bihu

Kati Bihu is celebrated on the first day of the month Kati. There are not many festivities in this Bihu. Earthen lamps are lit in front of the Tulsi plant and rice field. the Earthen lamps protect the rice from the insects so the farmer lit Earthen lamps.

Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu

The Magh Bihu starts on the first day of Magh (January 13 or 14). On the eve of the Magh Bihu (Uruka), people arrange feasts. The next day early in the morning people burn Meji and celebrate the Magh Bihu.

Conclusion: The Bihu is the lifeline of the Assamese people. we hope that the reader like our article and gain few knowledge about Assamese people festival Bihu.

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